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Ruislip Physiotherapy have been treating injuries for over 18 years. Now they have added a dedicated sports massage service to help with treatment and rehabilitation of sports relate injuries.

The purpose of sports massage therapy is to alleviate tension and tightness that can develop within the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. The soft tissues are the muscles, ligaments, tendons and the connective web of fibres that hold it all together!

Overuse and fatigue of muscles can occur due to posture, alignment of bones and joints as well as during activities and sports. This can often result in mild injuries including muscular spasms and the wear and tear of tendons. Sports massage is an effective treatment in reducing the tension and soreness from these injuries. It can aid in repressing those nagging injuries that can frequently prevent you from achieving your optimum performance in sports and physical activity. This includes performance at all levels ranging from top flight athletes to physical exercise performed primarily for fitness or occupational purposes.

Sports massage is not isolated to sporting athletes, a whole variety of people can benefit from this treatment technique. This includes those suffering with aches and soreness due to strenuous occupational demands as well as people in more sedentary jobs requiring long sustained postures or regular work at computers. Additionally, stress related injuries and tension can also be relieved from sports massage as it can promote feelings of general well-being.

Sports massage is focussed on deep, intense soft tissue release and is fundamentally based on the diverse components of Swedish massage. The level of pressure applied can be tailored to the individual’s needs and tolerance! The massage often comprises of a mixture of other techniques including proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretches, cross-frictions, muscle energy techniques and trigger point release. A qualified and highly skilled therapist will incorporate a variety of these techniques, tailoring them specifically to the needs of the client, whilst providing education and advice throughout the session to help them maintain the benefits of the treatment with stretches.

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